Elbow weed slang

cluif, clufe, hoof eke, also. elbuck, elbow.

Elbows, One pound of methamphetamine. Electric Kool Aid, LSD. Electric kool-aid, Crack cocaine. Elephant, Marijuana; PCP. Elephant flipping, Use of PCP and  2 Aug 2017 Drug slang and code words are often used to describe controlled substances, designer drugs Sweet Leaf, Synthetic Marijuana, Time Traveler. 9 Jun 2004 Terms and Slang -- Lower Class and Underworld. Notes: A weed of cultivation. Couter A piece of plate armor protecting the elbow joint. 20 Jan 2015 It appears that unique turn of phrase is only slang until it becomes so To see nothing but assholes and elbows = Someone ran away really fast.

Writers need slang like bearcats need giggle water, know what I mean? Sure, you could spend the rest of your writing life using pristine, multi-syllabic words from the 16th century that have been

Look up Aussie slang phrases and words you'll only hear in Australia in our Aussie Pot. Meaning: A 285ml glass (10 fl oz) in Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne. 2 Jan 2008 420 - Marijuana term, marijuana slang, marijuana reference.

The meaning of Orwellian is: Reminiscent of the dark, fictional work of writer George Orwell. Often used in reference to his dystopian account of a future totalitarian state in Nineteen Eighty-Four. . Find more definitions for Orwellian on Slang.org!

elbow phrase. What does elbow expression mean?

Elbow weed slang

Dirt. Poor quality weed, usually containing numerous seeds. Doobie. A joint. Dope.

Elbow weed slang

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E words from the slang world. Exhausted weed refers to the end result of what your vaporizer has done to your dry herb. Elbow measures a pound of pot. Slang. To smoke a lot of weed.

Elbow weed slang

Dabbin - What does dabbin mean? - The Slang Dictionary Dabbin is when a person dabs, which is when a person leans his head into his elbow with his other arm stretched out diagonally.It appears similar to covering your nose with your elbow when you sneeze and is supposed to represent a person coughing after inhaling weed. Drug Slang Dictionary - Words Starting With E The NoSlang.com drug slang translator contains a comprehensive list of drug slang words. Great for parents, teachers, law enforcement, and teenagers. Important slang words when buying? | Grasscity Forums - The #1 Important slang words when buying? I want to know the slang so I know what my dealer is talking about.

It comes from the Scottish dialect word billy-pot meaning 'cooking utensil'. as if the subject had ruined his appetite, parked his elbows on the table and gave me the oil. 8 Feb 2016 your face into the crook of your elbow as though you were coughing into it, First of all, dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana, right, it's the purest his classic "Muggles," which he named for a slang term for cannabis. 5-hole, The space between a goalie's legs, Hockey slang. Bomber, A very large marijuana joint, also see Cannon (been hoovering bombers and rips) bringing the right elbow to the left knee and left elbow to the right knee in succession. Elbows, One pound of methamphetamine.

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The term elbow comes from the common abbreviation for pound (lb) acting as a mix of phonetics and neumonic devices, “el-BOW”. Bow and L are both shortened versions, and Pack is commonly used to refer to a pound, often in larger groups (I.e.